Enviroglass Fireplace part of Writing the North Exhibition

Fireplace in the Museum Display

Fireplace in the Museum Display

An Enviroglass fireplace has been incorporated into a new display in the Shetland Museum and Archives. The Writing the North exhibition is the culmination of a year-long project which explored the historical literature of Orkney and Shetland.

The exhibition has transformed Da Gadderie exhibition space in the Museum and Archives into 4 themed areas, which covers all aspects of writing in and about Shetland and Orkney.  The Enviroglass fire place takes centre stage in a writer’s study.

Enviroglass polished fire hearths and surrounds are proving to be a very popular product. With each one made to customer specifications, and the patterns of the glass when polished, this is a truly bespoke product.

Ian Tait, Curator at the Museum and Archives, specified the design for the piece in the exhibition: “I specified a design to fit in with the 1930s setting of our study. Enviroglass hadn’t made a design like this before but were keen for the challenge. We wanted to create the architecture of a 19th-century room, and the final product is absolutely excellent because it resembles polished Northmavine granite.  The fire surround proportions also fit modern cast-iron grates, so anyone who is looking for a fireplace should come to Da Gadderie during the exhibition to see the quality of this product.”

The exhibition will be in Da Gadderie until 11th May 2014.  For more details on the exhibition, and associated events, visit: www.shetlandmuseumandarchives.org.uk.